Equipment rental

Equipment rental

At Vézina Party Center, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to enhance your events and parties by providing you with cotton candy machines and popcorn machines.

Cotton candy machines are professional quality machines allowing you to offer cones just like at the amusement parks! For the pleasure of your taste buds, we have several flavors such as: raspberry, lime, cherry, banana, pink vanilla, pink bubble gum.

As for the popcorn machine, it is also of professional quality and allows you to make and offer popcorn with the same good taste as the one offered at the movies. In addition to offering excellent popcorn, it is really easy to use. Whether it is used for a child's party, a fair or a movie night, it will surely fill your cravings for popcorn.


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      Guy Brideau
      déc 1, 2018

      Combien ca coute pour une machine à popcorn et une barbe a papa.q2p3d

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