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The universe of haunted houses

It's the month of October. What is at the end of October ? Yes, it's Halloween !!

And we know that among you there are some fanatics of this feast of horror. Would there be some people who would make haunted houses? YES ? Great ! Because we have everything you need to make yours a success!

- First of all, you have to create a certain '' atmosphere ''. For that, we have rolls of black tablecloth, question that your haunted house is as black as possible. By reducing your brightness, you can put more light accessories in your home.

- Now that your haunted house is dark, you have to decorate it. So decorations side, opt for things that will have a lot of effects. In particular hanging accessories: chains, spider webs, skulls, etc. These accessories will give a better atmosphere. Here are a few links to give you ideas: Wall and mounted decorations

- Your house has its decorations, so it's time to scare! Opt for animated decorations. They move, they shout: it's the thrill guaranteed. Here are the links for our animated decorations: Animated decorations

- I was talking about luminous accessories, so here is the ULTIME accessory for a haunted house: the ATMOS FX. It is a projection made on a transparent "wick" that gives the illusion of appearances of ghosts, witches, undead, etc. The effect is ultra real. Here are some examples: Atmos FX decorations

With these tips, you are now ready to make your own haunted house. Go see in store for even more ideas and decorations.

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